It's National Poetry Day. Pen something. I did.

Near Enough

I sat inside the perfect moment
it's nothing really, the coffee and chocolate
biscuit crumbling between my fingers
when I bothered to put down the pen,
and it occurred to me to share the timespace,
the balm of the breeze on my cheeks
and that singular winking star who flirted
as you once did
with your jock's arrogance
and your father's smile,
and I wondered if they still live there, your parents
in that house less than a mile from where I sat
surely they must,
but perhaps I should gift this small acme elsewhere
a deserving character (or undeserving one)
in a virgin manuscript, the pages as yet unspoilt
by error and wayward impulse,
waiting in the wings for just such a moment as this;
I read a review this week: 
no one writes like Segal
and mentally substituted my name -
now there's arrogance - and dreamt of the day
this moment wouldn't be quite so lonely

©Stephanie Wright 2013


Bragi Stringbreaker said...

Someday lass, someday... cuz no one writes like you either, and before you hit me with a little self aggrandizement... Yea, that's a good thing.

Rachel Green said...


Stephanie Wright said...

Thank you, Ron. And someday, we shall see. ;)

<3, Rachel.


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